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Co.Innovation Consulting helps organizations use collaborative innovation to devise winning strategies and solutions. We serve the private, public, and nonprofit sectors.

Meeting Facilitation

We provide meeting facilitation services using groupware technologies that support online and face-to-face meetings. We also provide specialized software tools for diagramming, decision making, journey mapping, and more.

  • Electronic brainstorming
  • Collaborative workspaces
  • Decision support tools
Strategic Planning

We use cutting-edge frameworks and processes to guide strategic planning workshops. Kevin Holt is the author of the book and online course Differentiation Strategy: Winning Customers by Being Different (see link above).

  • Differentiation strategy
  • Growth strategy
  • General strategy
Creative Solutions

We support workshops dedicated to finding creative solutions to difficult problems (e.g., customer churn, employee retention) using methods developed by advanced management consulting and design firms.

  • MECE issue trees
  • Design thinking 
  • Expertise, logic & analogy


Why the need for collaborative innovation?

Co.Innovation is short for collaborative innovation.

Collaborative innovation is about working together to generate and implement creative ideas. When done right, a group is able to generate ideas that none of the group members previously possessed or could have come to on their own. (That's a sentence worth reading twice.)

Collaborative innovation is needed now more than ever because:

  • Global competition and rapid advances in technology require ever-more sophisticated strategies. 
  • Problems have become so complex that no one person has the skills to solve them.

As the old saying goes, “Two heads are better than one” and as the newer version puts it, “Nobody is as smart as everybody.” 

Perhaps it's time you get serious about putting collaborative innovation to work for you. We'd love to help.



How do we make collaborative innovation happen?

We provide the people, processes, and platforms you need to make collaborative innovation happen. It’s a powerful combination in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


The key to collaboration is getting people to think and work together effectively. That's the job of the meeting facilitator. The facilitator will manage the workshop conversations so as to maximize positive behaviors and minimize negative ones. 


The facilitator will design a coordinated combination of meeting, strategy, and problem-solving processes that work to stimulate and discipline your group's thinking.


The processes are mapped to, and implemented on, groupware tools that include electronic brainstorming, webinar, and collaborative workspace platforms, as well as specialized software tools for journey mapping, diagramming, decision support, and more.



Who are we and who do we serve?


Who We Are

Co.Innovation Consulting is a virtual company. For each assignment, we assemble an engagement team that is best-suited to the client’s needs, budget, and time constraints. Where specialized design, research or other expertise is required, we call upon one of our alliance partners.

Kevin Holt is the founder and President of the company. He has more than forty years of business experience, including working as a lodging industry executive, where he sat on the executive committee of a national hotel chain, as a small business owner, and as a management consultant and meeting facilitator. He has facilitated workshops in the United States and in London, Geneva, Singapore, and Delhi. Kevin is the author of Differentiation Strategy: Winning Customers by Being Different, published by Routledge, and the creator of the online course that serves as the field guide to the book. (Click on the link in the menu bar for more information.) He received a BS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MBA from Arizona State University.


Who We Serve

We serve organizations in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors and have conducted meeting facilitation and workshops for multiple clients, including the following:

  • Avnet
  • Best Western International
  • Burba Hotel Network
  • CGG Geoscience
  • ComRent International
  • Cornell University
  • Derive Systems
  • Destination Hotels & Resorts
  • Florida Solar Energy Center
  • Fort Apache Heritage Foundation
  • KEO Marketing
  • MeetingNews Magazine
  • MONY Realty Capital
  • National Golf Course Owners Association
  • Pyramid Hotel Group
  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • Synthetic Resources
  • United States Forest Service

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